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A holding space for all those tips and tricks to make life that little bit easier

You know how satisfying it is to find the solution to a problem you’ve been having? And you put that solution in place only for weeks or more often a few months to float by and you realise you can’t remember how you fixed that darn frustrating issue again? Well I have decided to make a few notes out there in the blog-o-sphere to help my ageing memory.

Tips and Tricks

Whether it’s technology getting you down or a particular piece of software that is causing consternation, have a look-see and see what magic tricks I’ve got up my virtual sleeve.

Random Stuff

A compilation of various thoughts as they have cropped up. Probably not of much interest to you. But maybe some day for posterity I may find them useful.

Other Techniques

Not stuck but not getting through your work as fast as you think you might? Maybe you just hadn’t thought of doing something in a particular way. I’ve got you covered here too.

Please Note

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