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5GHz Wi-Fi Network Drops Out

So we’ve been experiencing problems with our 5GHz wi-fi network just lately and I couldn’t for the life of me work out what was going on.

One day everything would be fine, the next (or even just later that same day) the network is slow, sluggish or maybe even entirely missing from the list of available networks.

Basic Checks

I had checked the local wi-fi signals and ensured that we were not on a channel that was competing with a neighbour’s network.

I’d updated the router’s firmware and done a reboot to ensure all was well there.

Still sluggish, slow or completely absent.

What to do?

There is a Potential Solution

Then, quite by chance, I stumbled upon a possible answer and solution.

Drum roll please…

The Sky Q box was throttling the network. ARRRRGGGGHHHH……!

I wouldn’t mind but I didn’t even want the Sky Q box to be wireless as it has a dedicated ethernet cable running directly into the router.

But now that I’ve discovered it is on and (possibly) interfering with the network, how do I turn it off?


I take no responsibility for any problems occuring with your SKY service should you choose to follow the instructions below. I merely state them here as an aide memoire for myself should I need to go through the same procedure again at some point in the future.

Steps to turn off Sky Q Wi-Fi

Okay, with the heavy-weight warnings down… now onto the steps to follow to turn the Sky Q wi-fi off:

Step 1: Press Home button

Step 2: Scroll down to Settings (DO NOT press Select)

Step 3: Press 0 0 1

Step 4: Press Select

In the Engineers menu (with all the dire warnings that you should only be here under instructions from Sky), go to Network and switch off both bands. Then Confirm and exit.

The need for speed

And that’s it. With immediate effect, both our 2.4GHz and 5GHz network speeds improved dramatically. Happy days!