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Left foot right foot

This is an exploratory post for me just to get on with it! I am a bit nervous about this but I really do need to get over myself and just do it.

Things are not really as bad as they might seem

So it would appear that if I just get on with things, it really isn’t as bas as I feared. But then that is often the way, isn’t it? We put off doing something scary because we BELIEVE it is going to be difficult or maybe we fear rejection or ridicule. But then, what is that, really? It is a mechanism that others use when they themselves are jealous or fearful that you are making progress when they are stuck.

So what can we do about it?

The only real way to make progress is just to decide to. And that’s where I am. I have just got to decide to do it and get on with it. Truthfully, who is going to mock me more than I already mock myself? Exactly, no-one. I already doubt myself far more than anyone else could ever do.

The Solution

So here it is. My answer to the doubters, the naysayers and basically the mind monkeys gibbering in my head that I can’t do this. Well, here’s a shocker – I CAN AND I WILL. So here goes. Wish me luck!