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Do You Need
a Virtual Assistant?

Are you a Small or Micro Business Owner? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the admin that distracts you from building your business? Is it time to get some help? Do you perhaps need a Virtual Assistant?

The Headaches of Small Business Admin

Most small business owners try to wear many different hats. They are designers and makers, marketers and bloggers. They have to do the bookkeeping and create a website. Then there are emails to write and social media posts to create. And before you know it, the reason you started your small business has been lost under the mountain of  “administration stuff that has to be done”.

More Useful Than Quadratic Equations

The tech puts off many small business owners. For many of us over a certain age, it is not something we were taught at school, sadly. And yet I’m sure it would prove more useful than the quadratic equations that my maths teacher drilled into me! (Honestly, I have yet to find a reason to use quadratic equations. But that argument is for another day 😉).

And working on the ‘I’ll just leave it for now’ principle doesn’t really help either. If you don’t build your email list or post engaging content on social media, your business will struggle to grow. And that’s why you started out in the first place right? To build a successful business that you love.

Do You Really Need a Virtual Assistant?

Returning to the question posed above, I will admit, I am is biased. Here I am, a Virtual Assistant offering my services to small business owners.

So my answer might surprise you! Do you really need a Virtual Assistant? No! If you have a good grasp of what you need to get done and are happy to get on with it, you don’t.

The Hidden Benefits of a VA

However there are other benefits often overlooked by working with a Virtual Assistant.

A Virtual Assistant will not just keep your admin up to date. They will also offer insights to help you grow your business. Knowing what products or services are working well or not, leads to better business decisions. A good VA will also keep their knowledge up to date. This benefits you by ensuring your business is using the best platforms and software available.

By having a good working knowledge of your business, your Virtual Assistant can support you better. All leading to a more successful business and a more contented business owner.

Next Steps

I hope this article has provided some food for thought when considering whether you really need a Virtual Assistant.

If you are happy to continue doing everything yourself, I wish you every success in your business.

Alternatively, if you are now looking for a Virtual Assistant to help support you, please click here to book a discovery call with me. We can have a short conversation about your business needs. There is no fee and no obligation for the call. I look forward to meeting with you.

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Mandy Bungey BSc. FICB PM.Dip

As an IT Consultant I have over 25 years sole trader experience. Since learning my trade for the launch of Microsoft Windows 95, I have supported end users with their technology in a friendly way ever since, without having to resort to technical jargon or geek speak! I live with my husband in the beautiful rural Herefordshire countryside on the England and Wales Borders. You can read more about me here.