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Just When Did Onboarding Become a Thing?

A Bit of Background

I’ve been an IT Consultant for over 20 years as a Sole Trader. I’ve been very lucky and worked with the same handful of clients throughout this time frame. And I must admit that I haven’t been actively looking for additional clients. So when I decided to get myself back “out there” and relaunch my business I didn’t really know what people were talking about when they mentioned “Onboarding”!

I kept hearing it though so I thought hhmmm… I had better look into this. It might be something else I need to learn – practise – implement.

What Is Onboarding Anyway?

So it turns out that it’s just a term coined to sum up the steps or processes that a service provider (ie your new tech virtual assistant 😉) takes a new client through at the beginning of their working relationship.

I’m honestly not convinced that such a term is necessary. It sounds more like something to do when you put to sea rather than working with a new business colleague! But that is the world we seem to be living in today.

Does Mandy Bungey Tech VA have an onboarding sequence?

Well yes, but I personally don’t really think of it in those terms. I prefer to think of it like this.

You book a discovery call with me and we have a zoom chat for half an hour. This gives us time to discuss what your business looks like right now and your longer term goals. That is, where you would like to be in 3 or maybe 5 years time. We discuss the support you need immediately, and what you might need in the future as your business grows.

Discussing all the options creates a proposal for working together. Once signed and agreed this really starts the “onboarding” ball rolling.

In Summary

So just when did “onboarding” become a thing? I don’t really know. But you can rest assured that even without knowing that, your small business admin needs will be in safe hands with Mandy Bungey Tech VA!

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Mandy Bungey BSc. FICB PM.Dip

As an IT Consultant I have over 25 years sole trader experience. Since learning my trade for the launch of Microsoft Windows 95, I have supported end users with their technology in a friendly way ever since, without having to resort to technical jargon or geek speak! I live with my husband in the beautiful rural Herefordshire countryside on the England and Wales Borders. You can read more about me here.