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What is a Discovery Call?
(And Why You Should Book One)

Modern Terminology

I’m going to start this article by admitting something ever so slightly embarrassing. When I decided to relaunch my business, I didn’t really know what a discovery call was. It was just a term that I kept hearing from other business owners.

I decided I had better investigate in case it was something terribly important!

What I found out was that this was another example of modern terminology. Of which I’m honestly not a huge fan.

But in this instance, it does sum up the activity rather well. Let me explain.

Looking for a VA

When you are in the market for a VA, where do you start? You are a busy small business owner. There are a lot of demands on your time. You know you need some tech support and you don’t really enjoy getting it sorted out. Or maybe you don’t mind that particular task but your time is running away from you.

So you start looking around. Asking friends and acquaintances for recommendations. But how do you know who will be right for you? And of course, the cost will be a factor in your choice. Pay too much and you will begrudge each payment. Pay too little and you are undervaluing the service provider.

I recommend when shopping around for a VA you really ought to talk to at least three potential providers. This gives you a better idea of who is right for you. Because VAs are people and one size does not fit all!

And that is where a discovery call comes in.

What is a Discovery Call?

My discovery calls are 30-minute Zoom meetings.

No struggling to hear in crowded coffee shops. No fighting to find a parking space or running late because of traffic.

And you get to schedule it yourself direct from my booking page.

On the call we will have a chat about your business. Where you are right now and where you hope to be in 3-5 years’ time. What your business needs are and how it is currently getting done. We can explore what help and support you need today and in the future.

There is no charge and no obligation for the call.

Why you should book a Discovery Call

The discovery call allows us to take the first tentative steps on our working relationship together. We get to meet virtually and chat for half an hour. And the last couple of years have shown that most of us are quite comfortable with virtual meetings.

The meeting will allow us to know whether we could work together. If we are a good fit for each other. Because it’s no good working with someone you can’t stand, is it?!

Next Steps

So if this all is starting to sound like a plan, then please click here to go to my booking page. There you can choose the date and time of our call.

We will both receive an email giving the call details and any other information you will need before the call.

I look forward to meeting with you and seeing how we can help your business grow.

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Mandy Bungey BSc. FICB PM.Dip

As an IT Consultant I have over 25 years sole trader experience. Since learning my trade for the launch of Microsoft Windows 95, I have supported end users with their technology in a friendly way ever since, without having to resort to technical jargon or geek speak! I live with my husband in the beautiful rural Herefordshire countryside on the England and Wales Borders. You can read more about me here.